An Overview of Sports

Sports are very popular all over the world. In United States alone, there are almost 5 million registered sports teams. Sports include American football, softball, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and motorcar racing. Sports have been a part of our culture since childhood.
Sports can be divided into two major categories: physical activity and intellectual activity. Physical activity is commonly defined as any outdoor physical activity that requires exertion, such as horseback riding or soccer. Almost all sports require a certain level of physical exertion, to ensure fair competition. Some sports and most forms of competitive athletics are known as sports. A trained athlete in a particular sport is often called an athlete.
A sport that requires intellectual activity includes such things as chess, rugby, billiards, bridge, tennis, badminton, basketball, baseball and track. Intellectual activities are also included in some sports, such as swimming, baseball and softball. It does not include such things as racing, motorcycling, skiing, gymnastics and diving. The mental fitness of an individual player in a sport like table tennis, for instance, depends on his or her ability to remain focused, to be positive and hard-working, to have a winning attitude and so on.

Professional sport organizations such as the World Chess Association, the Federation of Association Football or the World Tennis Federation set standards for standards of behavior in sports and other athletic activities. These governing bodies have published several rulebooks, which lay down rules and procedures for sporting competitions. The rules of mind sports are generally not as detailed as those of chess. However, it is believed that a mind sport requires a fair degree of mental fitness, which is relatively high. Chess, for instance, has attracted some followers all over the world.
A sport may be regarded as a game of skill, a contest between two competitors, a competition between different teams, or a combination of any of these things. The word ‘game’ in a sporting context refers to a particular activity, a contest, or an event in which the participants attempt to win as much as possible. In this context, the events are usually organized and controlled by a governing body, with the purpose of providing a controlled competition, a fair playing field and to protect the participant. It is usually held in a specific place, such as a court, stadium, sports park, a training ground or another place designated for the purpose. Competitors try to win the game and the result is either accepted or rejected by the governing body.
The term sport was derived from the verb ‘to strive’, which referred to a physical contest, as in hunting or fishing. Over time, the term developed to mean any type of competitive physical activity. The most common examples are athletics, boxing and gymnastics. However, the term sport has also been used to describe certain types of outdoor activities, such as sailing, diving and surfing. Other examples include competitive drawing, cycling, tennis and field events in schools.

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