A Quick Review of the Popular Las Vegas Casinos

A casino is usually a place of business where people gamble. Casinos are located near or adjacent to restaurants, hotels, tourist venues, cruise lines, or other popular tourist attractions. Some casinos are even known for hosting live music, live shows, and live casino gaming. Most casinos offer both video poker and online gaming.
The majority of the world’s casinos can be found in North America, although some casinos have opened in some countries, mainly in Europe. In the United States, Las Vegas is the most popular casino, followed by Atlantic City, Macao, and the Cayman Islands. In Europe, the most well-known European casino is London’s Monte Carlo. Las Vegas and Macao are closely followed by Monte Carlo in South America, Ballyhackamore in Ireland, and the Venetian Islands. In the Caribbean, many of the smaller or offshore islands now have casinos, including Bonaire, Caymans, Curacao, Grand Cayman, and Virgin Gorda.
Besides main European gambling destinations, many of the smaller or eastern European gambling centers have opened in recent years. The biggest of these is Romania’s Romanian Gambling Resort, which has over 400 rooms and features two lighted basketball courts. Another is Moldova’s Casa de Jumeau, which features two indoor swimming pools, a golf course, and multiple casino games. Both of these sites are owned by the Cosco Group, which is one of the leading gambling operators in Romania and Moldova.
While most of the largest casinos in the world are located in North America, there are still some excellent options in Europe. The largest casino in Europe by square footage is the Palma Marina Bay in Spain. Other Spain-based casinos include the Banco di Caprio, which is the largest Marina Bay hotel in the world, the Castelao Marina Bay, which is owned by Carlos Castelluccio, the Boarding World Casino, which is the worlds largest casino resort, and the Villagio Marina, which is Europe’s largest casino. The Mallorca Marina in Spain, which is near the coast of Mallorca, also has several casinos, including the Arc de Triomphe, which is a reconstruction of an ancient Roman sea town, the Parra del Soldado, which are a cultural center with a large museum, and the Rambla Centro and Rambla de Montgri, which are both live theaters.

New York’s New York Hotel & Casino, the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo, the Las Vegas Sands, the Venetian, the Taj Mahal, the Regal Atlantic, and the Exposition are all North American casinos. Atlantic City, New Jersey has the Bellagio, which is owned by Donald Trump and has several celebrity clients, including former President George W. Bush. Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns the Venetian, has the Las Vegas Sands, which are the most popular casino in Las Vegas, the Venetian, which is one of the oldest Las Vegas hotels, and the Universal, which are the largest casino in Las Vegas. In addition to those mentioned, there is the Paris Las Vegas, the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo, the Aladdin, the O2, the Orleans, the Bellagio, the Paris Marriott and the Temptations, which are European casinos. All of these casinos have special suites for gaming, as well as individual restaurants.
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